Secretarial Compliance

It is Compliance of various applicable laws under Companies Act or any other Act, Rules, Regulation and Procedure. Secretarial Audit is helpful to the Promoters, Independent & Non-Independent Directors, Government Authorities & Regulators, Investors, stakeholders, Creditors and Management of the company. The main focus of stakeholder is to validate statutory compliance of the company, good governance & evaluate performance of the company. The Secretarial Audit helps to find out or detect any non-compliance made by the company and taking corrective steps (measures) for that the same. It is one of the important tool of risk mitigation and allow companies to effectively address compliance risk issue. It is also helpful to the company to build their corporate image. It may be carried out quarterly, half yearly or annually and in case of any adverse finding in audit report immediately intimated to the board of directors. We carry out the following compliances under Secretarial Compliance function:

1. Fixed Assets Register:
The main purpose of a fixed asset register is to keep track of the book value of the assets and determine depreciation to be calculated and recorded for management and taxation purposes. A secondary purpose is to allow for the easy identification of an asset by assigning each asset a unique ID which may be printed on labels in the form of a barcode. We ensure that the Register is processed in more scientific manner.

2. Statutory Registers:
Every entity must maintain certain records about the company's directors, shareholders and meetings held. These records are known as the Statutory Register and are in addition to normal accounting records which a company is also required to be kept. We ensures that all the Statutory Registers are prepared by abiding with the required legislation.

3. Minute Book:
Minutes are the written record of any official and influential gathering of a Company. It basically records important meetings like Board meetings and other influential events. We assist you in creating the minute so that you can comply as per the required Legislation.

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