About Us

Sanjay Batra and Co hereafter refer as SBC is a team of diversified professionals providing services to multinational companies and large corporate in India.

SBC originated as a core group of professionals providing HR and Accounts support services to select MNCs since 1993. Over time it has gradually sought to retain its core focus and specialize in its chosen area of expertise. In order to reach out to its clients effectively the company has built up its presence in major cities covering around 16 states in India through its   network offices.  

Our team consists of Chartered Accountants, Advocates, Labour Law Experts and Tax Experts. From a modest beginning, today we have come a long way to be widely recognized and respected among our clients. We have had the honour of being a part of various large multinational and Indian companies of repute by way of supporting, advising and assisting them at all levels. We  have been providing services in this field for more than a decade and have gained good and encouraging results

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